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Cotton Hall

21 Sat
Swamp Gravy: Way Back When

Swamp Gravy: Way Back When

Colquitt, GA
United States
Doors at 5:00 PM, Show at 6:00 PM

You can hear it in the creak of your grandma’s rocking chair…

You can see it scratches on a hardwood floor…

You can feel it in the warmth of a quilt passed down… All the life came before us.


Back when time moved slower, laughs were long, and family was everything. Memory is woven into the very fabric of this brand-new edition of Georgia’s Official Folk-Life Play—come join us Way Back When.

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158 E Main St.
Colquitt, GA
United States
Cotton Hall - Home of Swamp Gravy and the Colquitt Miller Arts Council. As a renovated cotton warehouse, Cotton Hall houses a 284-seat theater and a museum in a unique atmosphere.