Membership Name: Cary Film Circle

Members benefit from special discounts, fun group events, swag and local merchant perks. Memberships are good for one rolling year, beginning when the membership is purchased and lasting 12 consecutive months. If you wish to become a member or renew please click the appropriate link below.

If you purchased a membership between Nov. 29, 2015 and Nov. 28, 2016 click the Become a Member link to receive a new card with New & Improved Benefits. If you purchased your membership after Nov. 28, 2016 and wish to renew, please click Renew Existing Membership.

New membership cards and tee-shirts may be picked up at The Cary Theater beginning one week after your purchase.

If you do not have a membership for "Cary Film Circle", you may purchase a new one. If you have a membership but it has expired or is about to expire you may renew it.