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Digi Land

Special Events at the Coppell Arts Center, Coppell, TX

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Experience Digi Land, a touch-free digital game room. Created with gesture tracking technology, Digi Land features interactive surface games, a selfie station, Draw Alive, and a kinetic energy art wall called Quantum Space. The contactless experience makes it a fun, safe space for anyone looking for a creative escape.

Each ticketed time slot is ONE HOUR.  Tickets are PER PERSON, and an adult and or parent must accompany children inside Digi Land.  Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the reservation time to check-in.

Tickets are available for $8 per person, Open Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm. With the last ticketed time slot at 6 pm. Please click on a calendar date to make a reservation.

In compliance with local regulations and national health agency recommendations, masks are required to enter the Coppell Arts Center. In addition, you will go through a pass/fail thermal temperature screening to enter the building.

DEAL! Group Ticket available for $100, for up to 20 people max. 

Please contact us today if you wish to purchase the group ticket at or by phone at 972-304-7047.