Pumpkin Patch Trolley

Rockhill Trolley Museum - Meadow Street Platform, Rockhill Furnace, PA

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Important Temporary Museum Operating Conditions

The Covid-19 pandemic forces us to temporarily alter our 2020 operating season. As all of our trolley motormen and conductors are volunteers and many are in the highest risk group we must limit the days we will be open. On days we are open we will do our best to follow Governor Wolf's directives to minimize the Covid-19 risk for both our visitors and volunteers. The only days we will operate trolleys for the public in October will be Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 10, 11, 17 and 18. Our traditional Pumpkin Patch Trolleys will depart frequently from 10:00 a.m. to 4:20 p.m. each day. Each paying child may choose a pumpkin when the trolley stops at the pumpkin patch and may decorate it in the pavilion after the trolley ride.

The following guidelines will enhance social distancing, curtail personal contact, and reduce disease transmission opportunity to the greatest extent possible. Thank you for your cooperation during these unprecedented times!

*If possible, please use advance on-line reservations to ensure seats are available for the day and time you plan to visit. Printed tickets will be issued to on-line purchasers when you arrive; we will know the name under which the reservation was made. Walk-up seats will be sold only if space is available. Please pay for walk-up seats by credit card, debit card, or exact cash. Reservations will be valid only for the specific time on the receipt. To practice social distancing, each trolley will be sold at less than half its capacity. The crew will endeavor to seat passengers to ensure adequate separation between unrelated riders.
*Riders will be required to wear masks at all times while aboard the trolley, in the Pumpkin Patch or in the decorating pavilion. Our crew will also be required to wear masks. Outdoors on the museum grounds, visitors may remove their masks (if state guidelines in effect at that time permit) whenever they are clearly more than 6 feet from any unrelated person. Please remember that masks are worn as a courtesy to others; your mask protects them and their mask protects you.
*Although car grab handles and seat handles will be wiped between trips, passengers when inside the trolley can safeguard themselves and those to follow by refraining from touching seats, walls, or windows with their hands.
*Hand sanitizing stations will be located around the museum area. All passengers must sanitize their hands before boarding the trolley or entering the restroom. Please wash your hands with soap and water before leaving the restroom.
*Please remain seated to maintain social distancing while aboard the trolley. When outdoors, please maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet from all unrelated visitors.
*Except for restrooms, in order to maintain social distancing, all buildings are closed to visitors; this includes our carbarns, restoration shop, and museum store. Tours have always been a large part of the museum visitor experience.
*If you are ill, or have symptoms of the virus or other illness, please do not visit the museum. While we very much appreciate your desire to visit, we know you will not want to risk infecting other visitors or volunteers. Your temperature will be taken and must be less than 100.4ยบ F
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Museum Phone Weekends Only: 814-447-9576