Da Vinci: The Genius

New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science - Da Vinci: The Genius, Albuquerque, NM

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"Da Vinci – The Genius" demonstrates the full scope of Leonardo da Vinci’s remarkable genius as an inventor, artist, anatomist, sculptor, engineer, musician and architect. Enjoy many unique pieces including life-size machine inventions, entertaining animations of da Vinci’s most notable Renaissance works and an eye-opening, in-depth analysis of his most famous piece, “Mona Lisa.” The exhibition offers an unmatched look inside the mind of the ultimate Renaissance man who laid the groundwork for some of modern society’s most impactful inventions such as the helicopter, airplane, automobile, submarine, parachute and bicycle. Created by Grande Exhibitions of Victoria, Australia in collaboration with the Museo Leonardo da Vinci, Rome, and the French scientific engineer Pascal Cotte, "Da Vinci – The Genius" celebrates one of the most revered and dynamic minds of all time.