Cincinnati Daylight Express

19 Tue
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Cincinnati Daylight Express

Chicago, IL
United States
Show at 11:00 AM
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LOUNGE: $209.00
DOME: $299.00

CHAIRMANS CLASS / LOUNGE / DOME Public Onsale: July 24, 2020 7:00 PM to October 19, 2021 11:00 AM


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The Cincinnati Daylight Express! This ONE-WAY Special Train will operate on Tuesday October 19th, 2021, from Chicago Union Station, departing at 11am CDT, and arriving in Cincinnati at approximately 8:30pm EDT.

This will be the longest-distance Special Train behind Amtrak for 2021, and tickets are limited- prices start at just $209 for lounge class, with breakfast and lunch included! Premium Class seats are, of course, also available- we have multiple domes to choose from, as well as our exclusive Chairman's Class tailcar- the famous Cedar Rapids!

This route may be familiar to some of you, as it is also the route of Amtrak's Cardinal, which leaves Chicago at 5:30pm three days a week. Our trip's departure time allows you to see the beautiful rolling countryside of Indiana and Ohio in daylight- a rare treat experienced only occasionally in the eastbound direction. Adding to this unique opportunity are the beautiful private railcars and personalized service indicative of all Railexco events, and you've got an unforgettable rail journey!

The consist will be comprised of the various private railcars, Amtrak cars, and locomotives used for our famous Autumn Colors Express, a rail excursion being held later that week between Huntington and Hinton, WV. To learn more about ACE, and the amazing scenery and tradition of the New River Gorge Route, check out the Autumn Colors Express website those tickets are on sale NOW!

Just The Facts
Departure Information:
Departs From: Chicago Union Station 225 S Canal St, Chicago, IL 60606
Departure Time: 11 AM CENTRAL TIME (You need to arrive before 11AM, This departure time could possibly be delayed.)
Meeting Location: Chicago Union Station Great Hall (Listen For Announcements, Check Departure Board)

Arrival Information
Arrives To: Cincinnati Union Terminal 1301 Western Avenue, Cincinnati, OH
Arrival Time: 8:30 PM EASTERN TIME (This is subject to an On Time Departure)

Extra Information:
This trip is subject to delays. This is a one way trip from Chicago to Cincinnati with no overnight accommodations provided.

Trip Policies and Extra Information
Please see more information about our trips and polices at ACE / RAILEXCO FAQ Website

  • For rail events, motive power and rolling stock may be substituted for any reason. All efforts will be made to prevent this from happening.

  • Railway Excursion Management Company & other event partners assume no responsibility for delays, injuries, equipment failure, loss or damage.

  • If an event has a scheduled departure time, please arrive at a minimum of one hour early. Please plan ahead and locate parking and transportation to event area ahead of time.

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Not On Sale

225 S Canal St
Chicago, IL
United States
Chicago Union Station is the result of the vision of famed architect Daniel Burnham and opened in May 1925 after ten years of construction at a cost of $75 million ($1 billion in today’s dollars). Today it is owned by Amtrak. Chicago Union Station is the nation’s 3rd-busiest station overall, and it is Amtrak’s 4th busiest. More than 3 million Amtrak customers and 35 million Metra passengers use the station annually; they utilize over 300 trains per day. Since 1972, all Amtrak services in Chicago originate and terminate at Chicago Union Station, fulfilling Burnham’s 1909 vision of all intercity trains using the same station without confusing station transfers.