Historic Augusta Theatre

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523 State Street
67010, KS
United States
The Augusta Historic Theatre, which opened on June 19, 1935, is a two-story art deco, brick, and glass building in the center of downtown Augusta. It was one of the first theatres in the world to use neon illumination entirely throughout the interior. The neon lighting and fixtures were designed and built by the Lite Craft-Neon Company of Joplin, Missouri; the first company to introduce neon theatre illumination and neon decorations for theatre facades.
Of the estimated 5,000 theatres built in the United States prior to 1940, more than 75 percent have either been demolished or adapted for reuse, to an extent that precludes their future use as theatres. Nationwide, models show solid evidence that a theatre's restoration and active use creates a significant, positive economic impact on the immediate and extended business environment. As the usage of the Theatre continues and grows, the economic benefits increase and thanks to Dave and Aline Bisagno, Augusta, Kansas is the home to this treasure. The Augusta Theatre is truly a travel destination.