Reindeer Manor Halloween Park

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410 Houston School Road
Red Oak, TX
United States
Established Reindeer Manor as a haunted house in 1974
Once inside the park you gain access to any fear of your choosing. Select 13th Street Morgue and face your fears of what really happens when your heart stops beating. See what's behind door number 2 with the all new 3D Dungeon of Doom. If you still have your wits about you, venture over to the new fears that have been unearthed inside Reindeer Manor, the oldest haunted attraction in Texas! For those brave enough to enter all 4 via the All Show Combo Pass, you are granted a look inside The Shadow House - using just a single glowstick to light your way. As this is an all night experience, there is food on hand for when your stomach growls, as well as other entertainment and souvenirs of all types.
Oldest haunted house in the country, celebrating 45 seasons! 4 Haunts to choose from. Reindeer Manor, 13th Street Morgue, Shadow House and the all new 3D experience of Dungeon of Doom!