Blue October - Get Back Up Tour *CANCELLED*

August 1, 2021 8:00 PM

Doors Open: 7:00 PM
All Ages Admitted // 21 to drink with ID

General Admission: stand or sit, there isn't a bad spot in the house!

Reserved Balcony seating available for Sherman Theater Members only

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VIP BOX: Sherman Theater Members $490 | Non-Members $570
SKYBOX: Sherman Theater Member $637.50 | Non-Members $717.50

"These songs should make you want to fall in love with somebody, or miss somebody, or want to do something outrageous with your life," says Justin Furstenfeld, vocalist and lyricist for the unstoppable alt-rock band Blue October. He's talking about the tracks on the quintet's tenth studio album, This Is What I Live For, releasing in September 2020. The first single, 'Oh My My,' is sure to make a lasting impression.

The San Marcos, Texas-based band (vocalist Justin Furstenfeld, multi-instrumentalist Ryan Delahoussaye, bassist Matt Noveskey, drummer Jeremy Furstenfeld, and guitarist Will Knaak) have earned a reputation for being remarkably dynamic, consistently delivering anthemic songs filled with rousing melodies and precision playing. And with this latest release, the members are even more in synch than ever because they wrote much of the material while they were on the road supporting their last album, 2018's I Hope You're Happy, often fine-tuning songs in front of audiences.

"Every album we make is a little better than the last one, and it's because we try to approach it a little bit differently," Jeremy says. "That's the thing about being a musician: you do learn as you go - you're constantly teaching yourself. If you're not growing, and if you're not excited about making something new, then what's the point?"

While Blue October's expert instrumentation is always impressive, it is the band's lyrics that have always truly set this band apart. Justin is unafraid to address uncomfortable or even ugly thoughts and emotions that many people may think or feel, but are unable to articulate. The lyrics on This Is What I Live For take this confessional method even further. "This album is going to catch some people off-guard," Matt says. "A lot of it is about interpersonal relationships - years and years of marriage, growing older, and some of the issues that you may run into with that. I know that other albums are about that, but we get into some corners of life that we haven't explored before."

This determination to always speak the truth, even if it's difficult, is the way Blue October has operated from the very start, since Justin, Jeremy and Ryan formed the band in 1995 when they were still in high school. When Matt joined three years later, Blue October really coalesced as the members found inspiration in bands like A Perfect Circle, Jimmy Eat World, Radiohead, and The Cure - then reworked those disparate influences into an epic yet introspective sound that is entirely their own.

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