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Sherman Theater Presents

River of Dreams

  June 7, 2023 7:00 PM

Doors Open: 6:15 PM

It's nine o' clock on a Saturday...

The song catalogue of Billy Joel - the scrappy kid who was born in NYC and grew up on Long Island is quite amazing.  Epic even.  12 studio albums with one jewel after another...  and when a live band can perform these songs and get people to sing along it is pure magic.
River Of Dreams faithfully recreates the sound and the feel of those classic songs. With a real love and respect for the music, Todd and his band bring life to such standards as
•   Angry Young Man
•   You May Be Right
•   Allentown
•   Captain Jack
•   New York State of Mind
•   Scenes From an Italian Restaurant
•   We Didn’t Start The Fire
•   Only The Good Die Young
•   The Ballad of Billy the Kid
•   It's Still Rock & Roll To Me
…and many, many more.

Spend an evening with the memories and the magic. Spend an evening with River Of Dreams and the music of Billy Joel.

Special Guest Avi Wisnia will be opening for River of Dreams.
Avi Wisnia is an award-winning singer/songwriter, finding inspiration in 1950’s west-coast jazz, acoustic American folk, Brazilian bossa nova, and contemporary piano pop. His clever lyrics give a knowing nod to his contemporaries, while his smooth vocals and deft piano skills assure you that this is truly something new.

Call 570-420-2808 for more info