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Science On Tap - Music and the Aging Brain - on the Portland Music Stream - ARCHIVE

October 14, 2028 7:00 PM

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SINGLE SHOW LIVE STREAM TICKET Public Onsale: October 15, 2020 1:01 PM to October 14, 2028 7:00 PM
Science on Tap is joining in with the Portland Music Stream brought to you by the Alberta Rose Theatre!
Music and the Aging Brain: A Discussion and Concert
Our brains undergo numerous changes that affect memory, motor, and sensory functions as we age. Many of these changes are amplified in diseases like Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Could music limit the effects of aging and neurodegenerative diseases?
At this event, learn from Dr. Larry Sherman, a musician and Professor of Neuroscience at the Oregon Health & Science University, and singer/songwriter Naomi LaViolette as they explore how listening, practicing, and performing music influence the brain, and how these activities could impact brain aging and disease. They will also discuss Naomi’s work as a pianist, vocalist, arranger, and composer with Steven Goodwin, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, and the Saving His Music project, which has received prominent coverage in national and local news.
Join us and enjoy a multi-media presentation that combines live music and visuals with discussions about cutting edge science. The presenters will be performing live music ranging from well-known composers and original pieces by Ms. LaViolette and Steven Goodwin.
You can buy a single-event ticket for $15 to view the Live Stream of this performance on Wednesday, October 14.
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There will also be a limited number of IN-PERSON STUDIO AUDIENCE tickets will be sold for this event.  Everyone who attends must adhere to strict social distancing and masking guidelines. There will be no eating or drinking and use of the facilities will be limited.
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