Skydiver EP Release

June 20, 2019 8:00 PM

Doors Open: 7:00 PM
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NORMAL Public Onsale: April 17, 2019 1:14 PM to June 20, 2019 6:45 PM
Throw choristers and guitars in a pot, and you'll get something like Skydiver. A rock band taking note from both a classical background and contemporary songwriting, they are driven by contrast and focused through blending elements together to create something new. With intense ranged vocals and subtle rock arrangements, they create a sound that is technical, but inspired.

The Duskwhales:
The Duskwhales are a three-piece indie rock band formed in Manassas, Virginia in 2010. Their sound is reminiscent of 60's groups such as The Beatles and The Doors through prominent use of keyboards and memorable vocal harmonies. While incorporating the best elements of their psychedelic roots, the young trio creates a sophisticated style of their own in both studio and live settings. They have shared the stage with national acts Car Seat Headrest, Diane Coffee, Little Green Cars, and Frankie Cosmos, as well as performed to packed audiences across the East Coast. When The Duskwhales are not touring in support of their own music, they can be seen performing a variety of oldies and classic rock covers at local venues and events. The band also provides live entertainment for private engagements such as parties, dances, and weddings.

"A welcome change from the current cadre of shoegaze-inspired rock bands - Collider stay smart without being annoyingly intellectual. Their references may be sonically grounded in the early 90s, but they manage to nod to that time while keeping their bearings in the present – you never feel like you already might own this record, or have “heard this song before”. Running through their veil of spiraling guitars is a pummeling rhythm section which makes clear their commitment to energetic and syncopated certainty. Their songs feel dipped in a hazy glow, but nothing vague escapes their lips – a refreshing break from other bands whose inspirations may draw from similar places. They lurch from glacial dirges to fast, thick and blurred frenzies of guitar slush. Ultimately, Collider feel cooler and more human than the rest of the kids at the party, without really trying – they speak directly to you and everyone like you – while everyone else seems like they're working a little too hard." - Ben Green

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