“The Sugar Hill Gang” with Wonder Mike, Master
Gee and HenDogg featuring DJ T Dynasty - the
Fathers of Hip Hop
In 1979, the Sugarhill Gang crashed through the walls of the urban cities and into the mainstream
of society with the first worldwide rap hit, "Rapper's Delight." Two of the original members of
this historic group, Wonder Mike (Michael Wright) and Master Gee (Guy O’Brien) had teamed
up with Henry Jackson (pka Big Bank Hank) to become the now famous Sugarhill Gang.
Sugarhill Gang is believed by many to be the first professional Hip Hop group, because they
introduced to the masses (both in the United States and overseas) this unprecedented genre of
music. “Rapper's Delight” eventually sold over 8 million copies, and went on to be the biggest
selling rap single of all time. Even today, it continues to appeal to audiences of all ages.
Shortly thereafter, the Sugarhill Gang released such hits as “Apache,” “8th Wonder” and “Living
in the Fast Lane.” Wonder Mike and Master Gee teamed up with Henry Williams (pka
Hendogg) and DJ T. Dynasty both who has performed with the group for 20 years and counting
creating new music , while still pleasing the crowds with their greatest hits.
In the Summer of 2009, they released their first song in 25 years with international DJ phenom
Bob Sinclair called “LaLa Song,” which quickly became an uber hit overseas, securing Song of
the Year for many European countries, including Italy. The hit single is currently being released
in the United States.
 Wonder Mike, Master Gee, Hendogg and DJ Dynasty continue their tradition of creating a party
atmosphere that makes everyone dance the night away as they perform for sold out crowds
throughout the world.