Ole & Lena Home for the Holidaze

December 19, 2018 1:00 PM

Doors Open: 12:30 PM
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ADULT (ONLINE): $22.00
GROUP 10+ (ONLINE): $20.00

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Ole finds himself on the horns of a dilemma! As the newly elected event chairman of the Potsdam Muskrat Lodge Post 3412, all the members are counting on him to plan a spectacular holiday party and the pressure is on. Last year’s party, planned by Knut, was an absolute dud so the critics are just waiting in the wings for a misstep. Meanwhile at the farm the smell of Christmas cookies and goodies is in the air and Lena is in a tizzy, busily preparing to have the whole family from far and wide down for the annual Gustafson family holiday celebration. But then as luck would have it Ole and Lena’s granddaughter Marion is rushed to the hospital way up in St Cloud preparing to bless them with their first great grandchild. Feeling the need to be there for the joyous event, Lena drops everything and rushes off to help, leaving Ole with the planning and preparation for both the lodge and farm, until she gets back home. But since winters in Minnesota can be utterly unpredictable, while Lena is making the journey home she gets stranded by a snow storm! Will Lena make it home in time to save Ole from dual Holiday disasters or will Ole just stumble around in a holidaze hoping for the best? See for yourself in this wonderfully funny family holiday story “Ole and Lena - Home for the Holidaze.
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