CANCELLED: Will Payne Harrison w/ Veronica Stanton

April 17, 2020 8:00 PM

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ADVANCED Public Onsale: January 27, 2020 10:05 AM to April 17, 2020 8:00 PM
Will Payne Harrison w/ Veronica Stanton April 17 $7 21 & over Event Discription: Nashville Americana/Roots artists Will Payne Harrison and Veronica Stanton present their Spring Tour. About Willam Payne Harrison Everyone knows that Louisiana is a great melting pot of music, food and Southern culture. Will Payne Harrison simmered in that pot for most of his life, soaking in influences of Traditional Cajun, Louisiana Blues, Swamp Pop, New Orleans Brass Bands and Zydeco. Even after departing Louisiana for Nashville to start his own solo career, he has kept in touch with his Louisiana Roots making his own unique blend of Americana and Roots music. On East Nashville Blues, Will Payne Harrison dove deeper into Bluegrass, Country and Singer-Songwriter genres, using a cast of top-notch Nashville musicians. With his newest album, Living With Ghosts, Harrison went back to his roots, bringing in the Crème de la crème of Louisiana musicians featuring The Rayo Brothers members (Jesse Reaux, Lance Kelehan and Jordan Ardoin) along with lead guitarist Jim McGee and even some harmonica from Fawn Larson. Slated to be out in late Summer/early Fall, Living With Ghosts will encompass the perfect blend of Will Payne Harrison's Louisiana/Nashville sound. About Veronica Stanton The phrase "comes by it honestly" often refers to a trait or habit passed down to a person by the elders of their family; a like or a dislike, a knack for cooking or a sense of humor. In Veronica Stanton's case, it brings to mind her gift of song and language of music which are as much a part of her being as walking and talking. Born the youngest of nine children in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, Veronica was encouraged by her parents to play music at a young age as a means of connecting with her family. In a home which fostered the love of music, the Stanton children passed their time away playing traditional Irish and folk tunes. Veronica chose the fiddle and played in the Stanton family band, occasionally performing at local events, though primarily playing with her siblings at home. In high school she found the strength of her voice in musical theatre, and began making up songs in collaboration with her siblings. It was in college, however, with the onset of independence and first experiences of young adulthood, that she turned to her familiar language of songwriting as a means to process life, this time all on her own. She began sharing her songs with friends and sisters, and found that they were meaningful to others, not just herself. "I knew in my heart that I wanted to try to pursue music, so a year after I graduated I came down [to Nashville] because, you know, now's the time". Though at first shy to tell friends the extent of her dreams, Veronica boldly immersed herself in a scene of songwriters upon moving to Nashville in October 2016. She performed in countless writers' rounds in town, and responded to an ad to begin vocal lessons with local musician, Erin Rae.
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