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Purgatory Medical Mayhem ***CANCELLED***

August 8, 2020 8:00 PM

Everyone's ready to play doctor and get out the naughty nurse costumes .This is Purgatory Medical Mayhem so it's time to get to the operating room and get started! Purgatory is proudly emceed by Coen The Butcher! CoentheButcher is a published Latex/Alternative model and event hostess. She has a larger than life personality which makes her on-stage presence quite a treat. The business side of the alternative industry is also her strong point, being the Co-Owner and Marketing Director for Salohcin Clothing. Brand, band, and event promotion is a large part of her daily life along with setting goals for herself. She currently works for BAH Magazine, interviewing bands. Endorsed by: Macabre Clothing! Sponsored by: Hair by Nicole Helbert, Nails by Tracy Weston, Shredded Dreams, and Kingpin Event Promotions.
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