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An American Celebration: Back In Action

May 30, 2021 7:00 PM
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6 SEAT TABLE: $26.00
ADA TABLE: $26.00
ADA LAWN POD: $10.00
4 SEAT PUB TABLE: $26.00
4 SEAT LAWN POD: $10.00

6 SEAT TABLE / ADA TABLE / ADA LAWN POD / 4 SEAT PUB TABLE / 4 SEAT LAWN POD Public Onsale: April 21, 2021 12:00 PM to May 30, 2021 7:00 PM

An American Celebration: Back in Action                                                                                                                         
The Triangle Wind Ensemble is back!
Join us this Memorial Day weekend in a concert filled with favorites from film, stage, video games and more!

Seating Updates & Important changes to ticketing policies:



  • Tickets must be purchased online in advance of the day of the event. Tickets may not be available on the day/night of the event. 
  • Children 3 years of age and older will require a ticket to enter the event.  Children 2 years of age and under do not need a ticket.  


  • KBA Box Office is closed. Box Office hours will be limited to the night of the event only.


  • Pod Seating has been implemented to ensure social distancing between ticketed groups of guests. 
  • Pods and tables purchases must be purchased in their entirety.  
  • Please remain in your designated pod, or at your table during the entire event, unless purchasing food & beverages, using the restroom or if you have an emergency. 

Violation of these policies will void tickets and parties will be asked to leave the venue with no refund.


Reserved Gold Circle Tables:  Located in front of the stage, are 6 seat tables & 4 seat pub tables.  These tables have no overhead cover.

Reserved Lawn Pods: Located behind the Gold Circle Tables, are the 6’ x 6’ lawn pods, Max of 4 guests per pod. Pods are 6' apart.

Reserved Crescent Deck Tables:  Located behind the lawn pods are a limited number of 6 seat tables & 4 seat pub tables. Tables are covered by a roof. *Due to social distancing not all table will be available for purchase.

Reserved Pine Straw Pods: Located house right & house left in the pine straw areas the 6’ x 6’ pods, Max of 4 guests per pod.  Pods are 6' apart.

Note: Tickets for Booth Amphitheatre events are subject to applicable taxes and fees. Unless otherwise stated, posted prices include a 7.25% NC Sales & Use tax.
All dates, times, acts & prices are subject to change without notice.

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Image for Seating Chart LawnPodG5LawnPodG6LawnPodG7LawnPodG8LawnPodG9LawnPodG10LawnPodG11LawnPodG12LawnPodG13LawnPodG14LawnPodH1LawnPodH2LawnPodH3LawnPodH4LawnPodH5LawnPodH6LawnPodH7LawnPodH8LawnPodH9LawnPodH10LawnPodH11LawnPodH12LawnPodH13LawnPodH14LawnPodH15LawnPodH16LawnPodJ1LawnPodJ2LawnPodJ3LawnPodJ4LawnPodJ5LawnPodJ6LawnPodJ7LawnPodJ8LawnPodJ9LawnPodJ10LawnPodJ11LawnPodJ12LawnPodJ13LawnPodJ14LawnPodJ15LawnPodJ16LawnPodK1LawnPodK2LawnPodK3LawnPodK4LawnPodK5LawnPodK6LawnPodK7LawnPodK8LawnPodK9LawnPodK10LawnPodK11LawnPodK12LawnPodK13LawnPodK14LawnPodK15LawnPodK16LawnPodK17LawnPodL1LawnPodL2LawnPodL3LawnPodL4LawnPodL5LawnPodL6LawnPodL7LawnPodL8LawnPodL9LawnPodL10LawnPodL11LawnPodL12LawnPodL13LawnPodL14LawnPodL15LawnPodL16LawnPodL17LawnPodL18LawnPodL19LawnPodL20Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5Table 6Table 7Table 8Table 9Table 10Table 11Table 12Table 13Table 14Table 15Table 16Table 17Table 18Table 19Table 20Table 21Table 22Table 23Table 24Table 25Table 26Table 27Table 28Table 29Table 30Table 31Table ATable BTable CTable DTable ETable FTable GTable HTable JTable KTable LTable MTable NTable PTable QTable 32Table 45Table 33Table 46Table 34Table 35Table 36Table 37Table 47Table 48Table 38Table 39Table 40Table 41Table 42Table 43Table 44Table RTable STable TTable UTable VTable WTable XTable YTable ZTable AATable BBTable CCTable DDTable EETable FFP.S. POD 100P.S. POD 101P.S. POD 102P.S. POD 103P.S. POD 104P.S. POD 105P.S. POD 106P.S. POD 107P.S. POD 108P.S. POD 109P.S. POD 110P.S. POD 111P.S. POD 112P.S. POD 113P.S. POD 114P.S. POD 115P.S. POD 116P.S. POD 117P.S. POD 118P.S. POD 119P.S. POD 120P.S. POD 121P.S. POD 122P.S. POD 123P.S. POD 124P.S. POD 125P.S. POD 126P.S. POD 127P.S. POD 128P.S. POD 129P.S. POD 130P.S. POD 131P.S. POD 132P.S. POD 133P.S. POD 134P.S. POD 135P.S. POD 136P.S. POD 137P.S. POD 138P.S. POD 139P.S. POD 140P.S. POD 141P.S. POD 142P.S. POD 143P.S. POD 144P.S. POD 145P.S. POD 146P.S. POD 147P.S. POD 148P.S. POD 149P.S. POD 150P.S. POD 151P.S. POD 152P.S. POD 153P.S. POD 154P.S. POD 155P.S. POD 156P.S. POD 157P.S. POD 158P.S. POD 159P.S. POD 160P.S. POD 161P.S. POD 162P.S. POD 163P.S. POD 164P.S. POD 165P.S. POD 166P.S. POD 167P.S. POD 168P.S. POD 169P.S. POD 170P.S. POD 171P.S. POD 172P.S. POD 173P.S. POD 174P.S. POD 175P.S. POD 176P.S. POD 177P.S. POD 178P.S. POD 179P.S. POD 180P.S. POD 181P.S. POD 182P.S. POD 183P.S. POD 184P.S. POD 185P.S. POD 186P.S. POD 187P.S. POD 189P.S. POD 188P.S. POD 189P.S. POD 189P.S. POD 190P.S. POD 191P.S. POD 192P.S. POD 193P.S. POD 194P.S. POD 195P.S. POD 196P.S. POD 197P.S. POD 198P.S. POD 199P.S. POD 200P.S. POD 201P.S. POD 202P.S. POD 203P.S. POD 204P.S. POD 205P.S. POD 206P.S. POD 207P.S. POD 208P.S. POD 209P.S. POD 210P.S. POD 211P.S. POD 212P.S. POD 213P.S. POD 214P.S. POD 215P.S. POD 215P.S. POD 216P.S. POD 300P.S. POD 301P.S. POD 302P.S. POD 303P.S. POD 304P.S. POD 305P.S. POD 306P.S. POD 307P.S. POD 308P.S. POD 309P.S. POD 310P.S. POD 311P.S. POD 312P.S. POD 313P.S. POD 314P.S. POD 315P.S. POD 316P.S. POD 317P.S. POD 318P.S. POD 319P.S. POD 320P.S. POD 321P.S. POD 322P.S. POD 323P.S. POD 324P.S. POD 325P.S. POD 326P.S. POD 327P.S. POD 328P.S. POD 329P.S. POD 330P.S. POD 331P.S. POD 332P.S. POD 333P.S. POD 334P.S. POD 335P.S. POD 336P.S. POD 337P.S. POD 338P.S. POD 339P.S. POD 340P.S. POD 341P.S. POD 342P.S. POD 343P.S. POD 344P.S. POD 345P.S. POD 346P.S. POD 347P.S. POD 348P.S. POD 349P.S. POD 350P.S. POD 351P.S. POD 352P.S. POD 353P.S. POD 354P.S. POD 355P.S. POD 356P.S. POD 357P.S. POD 358P.S. POD 359P.S. POD 360P.S. POD 361P.S. POD 362P.S. POD 363P.S. POD 364P.S. POD 365P.S. POD 366P.S. POD 367P.S. POD 368P.S. POD 369P.S. POD 370P.S. POD 371P.S. POD 372P.S. POD 373P.S. POD 374P.S. POD 375Table 49Table 50Table 51Table 52Table 53Table 54Table 55Table 56Table 57Table 58Table 59Table 60Table 61Table 62Table 63Table 64Table 65Table 66Table GGTable HHTable JJTable KKTable LLTable MMTable NNTable PPTable QQTable RRTable SSTable TTLawnPodA1LawnPodA2LawnPodA3LawnPodB1LawnPodB2LawnPodB3LawnPodB4LawnPodB5LawnPodB6LawnPodB7LawnPodC1LawnPodC2LawnPodC3LawnPodC4LawnPodC5LawnPodC6LawnPodC7LawnPodC8LawnPodC9LawnPodC10LawnPodC11LawnPodC12LawnPodD1LawnPodD2LawnPodD3LawnPodD4LawnPodD5LawnPodD6LawnPodD7LawnPodD8LawnPodD9LawnPodD10LawnPodD11LawnPodD12LawnPodD13LawnPodD14LawnPodE1LawnPodE2LawnPodE3LawnPodE4LawnPodE5LawnPodE6LawnPodE7LawnPodE8LawnPodE9LawnPodE10LawnPodE11LawnPodE12LawnPodE13LawnPodE14LawnPodF1LawnPodF2LawnPodF3LawnPodF4LawnPodF5LawnPodF6LawnPodF7LawnPodF8LawnPodF9LawnPodF10LawnPodF11LawnPodF12LawnPodF13LawnPodF14LawnPodG1LawnPodG2LawnPodG3LawnPodG4


Available Ticket(s): 

*Does not include convenience or handling fees.