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Image for Kimberly Morgan York - IN THE BAR

Kimberly Morgan York - IN THE BAR

  March 13, 2024 8:00 PM

Athens, Georgia’s own Kimberly Morgan York is at it again this year with her new EP Release, “Devil Songs and Other Such Nonsense”. The Kentucky born artist follows up her 2006 and 2021 recordings (released in 2022) with a whimsical project birthed by accident in a bandmate’s basement. As always, Kimberly brings her Appalachian roots to her country, soul felt and honest songs. Singing publicly since the age of 3, Kimberly has a natural talent for bringing in the crowd and creating a kind of rapport with the audience that makes everyone feel and understand where she is coming from.

Kimberly, once married to Drive-by Trucker - Brad Morgan, started writing and playing guitar at 16 and has lived and performed everywhere from New York , California and Colorado all the way back to Georgia. No stranger to the road, she now lives in Athens, Ga with her husband Kevin and their 3 daughters, 3 dogs, 2 hairless rats, a snake, some fish and whatever else seems to find its way into their animal loving home!