CANCELED -- Soledad Barrio & Noche Flamenca -- Antigona

May 7, 2020 7:30 PM

Hailed by critics everywhere for its transcendent and deeply emotional performances, Noche Flamenca is recognized as the most authentic flamenco touring company in the field today, expressing the rigorous, spell-binding aesthetic of flamenco that exceeds the highest artistic expectations.

Sophocles' classic play, Antigone, adapted and directed by Noche Flamenco Director Martín Santangelo with choreography by principal dancer Soledad Barrio in the title role that depicts a battle between a disenfranchised woman and the authority of the state and its patriarchy.

We have a special pricing system for this production. To better provide for equity and inclusion in our seating, your seat location is not determined by the price you pay.

You decide how much to pay for your ticket ($49, $39, or $34) and the system will assign the best seat available at that price. There are tickets at all price levels throughout the theater, so the relative quality of the seat will be determined more by how early you purchase your ticket than by what you choose to pay.

A production of this scale always costs more than ticket sales alone can cover, so we ask you to consider purchasing your tickets at the highest price you feel comfortable paying. Thank you!

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