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Eddie Owen Presents: Socially Distant with Tuatha Dea

March 21, 2021 7:30 PM
Doors Open: 6:30 PM
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Ticket Price: $25.00
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Ticket Price: $0.00
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Ticket Price: $0.00
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GENERAL ADMISSION / SINGLE PREMIER MEMBERSHIP / DUAL PREMIER MEMBERSHIP Public Onsale: February 17, 2021 2:53 PM to March 21, 2021 9:30 PM

A POST ST. PATRICK'S DAY SHOW! The band's final show in the entire Southeast until much later in the year. 

Advanced tickets: $25

COVID Precautions: The front door will stay locked and groups of concertgoers will be let in one group at a time. Masks are required. Each groups will sit 6 feet from the other concertgoers, and we will skip every other row. Only a small % of seats are available to purchase. 

Tuatha Dea is a progressive Americana band with a rock edge and fearless attitude for pushing the boundaries of modern roots music.

Combining primal rhythms, melodic and ethereal ballads, screaming guitar riffs with an Appalachian/Celtic vibe this FAMILY born of a family drum circle delivers an authentic tribal and clannish feel that not only draws the audience into the music but into the moment and clan as well. 

Their rhythmic groove and interaction naturally inspires audience participation which has become a staple of their performances. From the beginning the band has embraced its Celtic heritage and meshed the traditional music of Scotland and Ireland with their own bold blend of mainstream rock, mountain drumming and Appalachian blues to produce a truly unique sound that has a universal appeal! Dubbed “The Eclectic Steam-Punk Partridge Family in Kilts and Corsets” and “The Appalachian Fae”, this band is REAL family!!!

In 2014, the band released their 4th CD which is associated with the novels of recognized published Sci-Fi- Fantasy Author for Tor Publishing, Alex Bledsoe. {The band appears as characters in his 3rd book in the series “Long Black Curl”!NO BOUNDARIES! NO CONSTRAINTS! JUST MUSIC! 

"Tuatha Dea is a progressive Americana band with a Rock edge, a Celtic-Appalachian influence and a fearless attitude for pushing the boundaries of modern roots music. Their music thrives on a perpetual energy backed by expansive vocal ranges, steady, driving percussion, electric instrumentation and the melodic sounds of acoustic instruments like fiddle, guitar, penny whistle, bagpipes and even didgeridoo." - Wilson/Pickens Promotions


Tuatha Dea has performed on stage with and accompanied Paul Simon, Alto Reed, Seven Nations, Saor Patrol and James Mckinney and has appeared at events featuring Brandi Carlisle, Kacey Musgraves, Jessica Lynn and Phil Lesh among many others.
Tuatha Dea is one of the 12 artists chosen for the  90th Anniversary Bristol Jubilee Sessions with Dolly Parton, Ritchie Owens to be released in 2021!


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