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The Battery Piazzas, Porches, and Gardens • Saturday October 10 • 2 PM

October 10, 2020 2:00 PM
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NON-MEMBER: $75.00
MEMBER: $65.00

NON-MEMBER / MEMBER / WITH MEMBERSHIP Public Onsale: August 1, 2020 9:00 AM to October 10, 2020 6:00 PM
Guests will visit 3-4 private Piazzas, Porches and/or Gardens. No interiors are included this year. The original plans for Charles Town's development did not include streets along this low-lying area today known as The Battery. Contemporary locals differentiate between High Battery, the high wall at the southeastern edge of the Peninsula, and Low Battery, generally designating the lower southern wall which runs along Murray Boulevard. It is on High Battery with its spectacular view of Charleston Harbor that some of the largest mansions were built. Strolling along the Battery's promenade takes you back in time since the area hasn't changed much in the past few centuries. Today, cannons and piles of cannon balls remain as a testament to "The War of Northern Aggression." In addition to its wartime history, White Point Garden, or Battery Park, at the southernmost tip of the peninsula, has a history of pirates hanged from oak trees and from gallows in the early 1700s and left dangling as a deterrent to other pirates entering the harbor. South Battery was originally called Fort Street and was a narrow street which ran between Church and Meeting Streets, behind one of the early fortifications known as Broughton's Battery. It was extended again to the Ashley River when several owners agreed to fill the low-lying land and marshes and build wharves and houses. Today, it exhibits a pleasant mix of 19th and 20th century houses representing a range of architectural styles.
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