CANCELLED: Lisa Hilton / Solo Piano / "Day & Night"

April 8, 2017 8:00 PM

Acclaimed composer/pianist Lisa Hilton debuts new compositions from her 2017 release, DAY & NIGHT, which was inspired by the lush melodies of Cole Porter, while connecting with the bluesy energy of Count Basie and Horace Silver. Hilton’s expressive and impressionistic compositions continue to explore the soundscape of jazz and blues alongside classical, modernist and avant- garde ideas. With her nineteenth release DAY & NIGHT echoes Hilton’s commitment to discover and savor every day moments and unexpected beauty from sunrise to sunset.

“What is evident is the aura that underlies and overlays the album – it is attention-getting and subtly strong and drawing you in. I felt enveloped in what I realized was a perfectly seamed performance. Virtuosity aside, Hilton has imbued this succession of songs with so much nuance - so much extension of incredibly phrased riffs - that take the song places that are so unexpected that one is left simply awestruck and paralyzed by beauty”. - Hugh Carson/KVNF Radio

WATCH : Lisa Hilton in the studio


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