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Kingsmen ~ Rise Among Rivals ~ Zonezero ~ Illusion Of Solace ~ Coal

  March 30, 2023 7:30 PM

Doors Open: 7:00 PM
ADVANCED: $18.72

ADVANCED Public Onsale: March 3, 2023 12:54 PM to March 29, 2023 11:59 PM

**All shows 21+—valid ID required**

Doors: 7:00 PM

Show: 7:30 PM

Sitting in producer Zach Jones’ two-room studio in North Hollywood, summer 2021, Kingsmen vocalist Tanner Guimond was in the midst of recording a new song when the space beside him suddenly erupted with a burst of immense excitement. Simultaneously workshopping what would become their titular track ‘Bones Don’t Lie,’ his fellow bandmates had cranked their speakers up to the max just as a riveting breakdown was born, permeating the soundproofed walls and catapulting Guimond’s creative neurons into a quick crescendo of impromptu inspiration. Exchanging a swift nod of approval with fellow producer Josh Strock before charging over to belt out the word ‘smash!’, the frontman recognized a turning point in the making.
Rise Among Rivals, a modern rock group based out of Baltimore MD. Since forming in the summer of 2017, honest expression has been a top priority. With a focus on heavy riffs, melodic vocals, and complex dynamics, Rise Among Rivals fuses together their favorite pieces from hard rock and electronic music. The debut EP is a direct representation of the band’s cohesive vision, starting with their music and feeding infectiously into their live performance. After the release of music videos for Spiteful Eyes and Empty Love Scene gathered over 500k video streams, Rise Among Rivals made it clear they were here to stay.
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