BRANTLEY GILBERT with special guest Dylan Scott

August 18, 2017 8:00 PM

Doors Open: 7:00 PM
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Brantley Gilbert is tearing up the road to Country music with his upcoming album JUST AS I AM (The Valory Music Co.), which is already burning up the airwaves and ushering in summer with his first new work in four years. Like the album’s title, the songs are an expression of who he is at this time in his life. The rings, the chains, the faith, the no apologies—“If You Want A Bad Boy,” you’ll find one in Brantley’s first song on his new album. Love him or not, his latest offering is JUST AS I AM and it is an album of unforgettable memories—for him and everyone who hears it.

His powerful voice is an instrument of emotion and he conducts the crowds at his live shows like a country rock orchestra of human experience. Through his entire breadth of work, Brantley invites you to climb aboard his Harley and race at breakneck speed through his lyrical struggle between bad and good. He’ll forge ahead when you think he’s going to stop and he’ll slam on the breaks in the middle of musical high—just like he is reliving every emotion and memory again. He sings his story to the world, his words playing their heartstrings, which speaks to other souls and rocks them so hard one feels like they are dancing, fighting, partying, loving and living with him.

Even in the tide of hopeful young singers rising daily in Music City, Dylan Scott stands out. It takes just a few seconds to hear why: after Scott's vocal begins on "Crazy Over Me," intimate, even conversational, and then soars on a rush of buoyant emotion, you know something special is underway.

Scott's vocal on the brand new single "My Girl" spans a vast range of expression, from the intensity of the choruses to the spoken-word interlude, and plays out a true story that Dylan remarks was “ten years in the making”. The song, written about Dylan’s girlfriend at the time, and now wife, has already garnered the attraction of legions of female fans. Millions of them. The song has been cycling amongst fans for quite awhile which led to the clever reveal of Dylan’s new single, album and impending marriage through the video playlist, “Based On A True Story” on his Facebook page. Dylan’s success in the digital space has led to high demand out on the road. In fact, fans have been singing along to his music long before they hit the airwaves.
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