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Evil Dead the Musical

October 28, 2021 8:00 PM

Doors Open: 7:00 PM

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ADULT: $20.00

ADULT Public Onsale: August 27, 2021 4:36 PM to October 28, 2021 8:00 PM
ADULT Public Onsale: August 26, 2021 3:56 PM to October 28, 2021 8:00 PM
Not long ago, at a cabin lost in the woods in Michigan, a group of five college students found themselves face to face with evil forces summoned by the Necronomicon. One by one, they were captured by the demonic forces in the woods and turned on the others, until all that was left was Ash, a loyal S-Mart employee. Armed with his boomstick (a shotgun) and his chainsaw for a hand, Ash is charged with destroying the demons and saving the world. A musical filled with the iconic images and lines from the original Evil Dead movie franchise--not to mention gratuitous violence and gallons of fake blood--Evil Dead: The Musical is a cult classic romp of pop culture against evil spirits bent on destroying the world, destined to leave audiences cheering.

**Splatter Zone: If you purchase a ticket in the VIP Splatter Zone, prepare to be drenched in gore. An "I Survived Evil Dead the Musical" t-shirt will be included if you purchase a ticket in the VIP Splatter Zone (first three rows in center).
The first five rows across the theater are a part of the Splatter Zone. Please note that if you are purchasing tickets in the first five rows of any section you are subject to blood splatter.

**Disclaimer: This is a horror show that involves fake blood and other substances. By purchasing a ticket, you are aware that The Landis is not responsible for any damaged items or clothing. We recommend wearing clothing you do not mind ruining, especially if you have purchased a ticket in the Splatter Zone.

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