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Image for Jackie and The Treehorns w/ Roscoe Tripp, Holiday Death Tribute
Pie Shop Presents

Jackie and The Treehorns w/ Roscoe Tripp, Holiday Death Tribute

  January 6, 2024 8:00 PM

Doors Open: 7:30 PM
NORMAL: $15.00

NORMAL Public Onsale: November 8, 2023 10:01 AM to January 6, 2024 6:00 PM
Doors at 7:30 | Show at 8
All Ages
 Rooted in the basic tenets of rock, Jackie and The Treehorns create music from just outside the nation’s capital in Alexandria, VA and just outside the mainstream. Formed in 2009 and fronted by Steven Rubin under the guise of an altered ego (Jackie) and his band (The Treehorns) the group fight to keep the flames of the rock and/or roll fire lit with inspired original inventiveness.

Jackie and The Treehorns’ music covers a wide sonic palate, taking the listener down familiar paths before detouring towards parts unknown, while Jackie’s lyrics explore topics ranging from celebrity stalkers, robots, serial killers, and hitchhikers to odd phenomena like UFO’s, déjà vu, ghosts, and extraterrestrial party favors.

The bands most recent releases, Go Get Your Ghosts (2023), Made You Run (2021),  Hidden Cameras (2020) and It’s Never Too Late (2019), were recorded at Ivakota Studios in Washington, DC with Ben Green.  For their previous releases, The J. Album (2018), singles Writer and A World Gone Mad (2017), RU4REAL? (2016), and Do You Mind If I Wear A Clown Mask? (2015) the band worked with legendary engineer Don Zientara at the famed Inner Ear Studio in Arlington, VA.
Roscoe Tripp's music blends guitar-driven indie anthems, synth-heavy 80's riffs, intricate song structures, and lyrics more apt to fit folk music than the disco-like beats with which they have been fused.  The result often generates a throwback vibe while simultaneously leaving listeners plenty to think about inside the melodies' unpredictable deviations.

The band started in 2021 as a studio-only side-project for Greg Fine of the indie rock band You Fool!.  Fine goes by the title character in his new project, where he handles lead vocals, guitar, and synth.  In late 2022, Roscoe Tripp was fully formed as a band and began playing live shows.  Added to the lineup were Pot Valor on lead guitar and vocals, known for indies Opt Out and Big Big Toe;  Masterjee Bumbu on rhythm guitar, formerly of the Punjabi punk rock band Bumbu Sauce; drummer and vocalist Sam Elliott who also performs with Cherub Tree; and journeyman Cass Foley on bass who has performed with too many bands to name.

Roscoe Tripp's debut EP, "It Always Starts with Something," was released in January 2023, and comprised of songs written, recorded, and performed solely by Fine. In August 2023, Roscoe Tripp released their 2nd EP, "A Cage Made of Tin," which the band recorded together and included multiple collaborations with other artists.  The title track on "A Cage Made of Tin" was produced by Kenny Carkeet, most notably known from his time with AWOLNATION.
Formed in 2019 by writing duo and Maryland natives Mike Dzambasow (frontman) and partner Amanda Lin (lyricist), Holiday Death Tribute is a band that attempts to unravel the complex emotions of family dynamics during the holidays and the existential awareness brought on by death. Inspired by the deaths of family and peers during the Covid pandemic, Holiday Death Tribute pays ‘tribute’ to the loss of the people and things in your life that you loved.
Borrowing their name from a holiday snowman that looked more like a roadside memorial, Holiday Death Tribute offers its own landmark for those seeking something new, but familiar in the punk genre. Taking notes from their punk idols before them, HDT takes the familiar sounds of the early 90s punk rock, picks them up, brushes them off, and gives them new life. With influences ranging from the early Green Day records to modern indie alternatives, HDT offers high-energy punk bangers and angsty ballads for those who need it. 
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