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Justin Biltonen

  December 11, 2021 10:30 PM

Doors Open: 9:00 PM
Justin Biltonen blurs the lines between ‘what you see is what you get’ and ‘still waters run deep.’ Southern born and bred, Biltonen is a product of broken-in boots and 90s bests.

Baptized by an adoration for country, rock, punk and hardcore, Justin went from singing in hometown worship groups to traveling the nation playing southern-fried rock n’ roll. Fueled by uncompromising passion and a gypsy soul, Biltonen became a self proclaimed highway-runner. It was on those endless, late night drives that he conjured up the soundtrack from his youth-- a mixtape filled with Drive By Truckers, Waylon and Shooter Jennings, Brooks and Dunn, Shenandoah and countless others, which ultimately reignited his love of country music.

Not long after, Justin proved that all roads really do lead to Nashville, TN. Immersing himself in Music City’s one of a kind songwriting community, Biltonen continued to refine his craft and establish himself as a force within the industry. 

Eventually, Justin Biltonen became a name to know as the bassist for alt-rock tastemakers 3 Doors Down. Touring globally as a member of one of the genre’s most timeless bands, Justin was able to support numerous chart topping albums, including Us And The Night, which peaked at #2 on Billboard’s Rock Chart. A career changing moment for Justin Biltonen, Us And The Night was the first major release he both wrote and played on in-studio. 

Having earned the courage and credentials, Justin began indulging his longtime love of country music and officially announced his solo project with the singles “Use You” and “How A Man’s Made.” Biltonen marked his terrestrial radio debut with the follow-up single “She’s Got the Highway”, which he credits with solidifying his stance as a member of the country music community.

From playing bars and basements to global tours and the Presidential Inauguration, the North Carolina native owes his success to nothing more than his sincere, unwavering respect for music. “At the end of the day, I know I’ll always be able to focus on my love of an honest melody,” Biltonen reveals. “Whether I’m doing my own thing or touring with the band, thriving through the ups and downs in the name of the music is always going to matter more than anything else.” 

Humbled by his own experience, Justin is currently celebrating the release of his single “Heartache Rodeo.” Having already achieved career milestones across streaming platforms and country radio alike, “Heartache Rodeo” will be accompanied by a music video and tour this fall.