Campsite Reservation (TENT ONLY)

June 18, 2020 5:00 PM

  • By purchasing a Campsite Reservation, you are reserving a TENT ONLY campsite for yourself and up to three (3) other guests.

  • Parking for one (1) vehicle is included. Please note, after unloading your vehicle, your vehicle will be moved to an adjacent lot, a short walk from your campsite.

  • Campsites will be assigned upon arrival. If you plan on camping with a group (multiple campsites), it is recommended that all parties arrive at the same time to ensure you are placed next to each other.

  • CAMPSITE RESERVATIONS DO NOT INCLUDE FESTIVAL ADMISSION. Each guest must provide proof of purchase of a 3-Day CSMF admission ticket (any ticket type) upon arrival.

  • Please see our website for additional information and FAQ's. If you are looking to include more than four (4) people in your campsite or need parking for more than one vehicle, please reach out to us via email at
  • Not On Sale