Eddie Owen Presents: J.A. ETCHISON with Special Guest, EMILYE, and Cameo Appearance by TWO BY TWO CELTIC

May 24, 2019 8:00 PM
Doors Open: 7:00 PM
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This trio of entertainers--EMILYE, a new Country crooner with a voice of pure gold; TWO BY TWO CELTIC, a dynamic and enchanting blood harmony duo with acoustic guitar, percussion and flute; and Alternative dream weaver, guitarslinger and headliner J.A. ETCHISON--brings smooth vocals, beautiful melodies & harmonies, intriguing story songs, and fun, relaxing guitar and flute that will remind you of kicking back on the beach! Come on out and celebrate!


Emilye mentions, “Music was the first language I learned. My mother was a world-class pianist, organist and songwriter who made up songs to greet the sun or wash tiny faces.”

In college Emilye was a standout four-year member of The Smithereens, a highly-esteemed a cappella singing group from Smith College similar to the Whiffenpoofs of Yale. “Fun times,” Emilye laughs. “I traveled up and down the East Coast for a song!”

Emilye has penned some intriguing and insightful songs, such as the haunting betrayal of “One to Stay” and the quietly beautiful wedding song, “Forsaking All Others.” Raise a glass to her amazing yet gentle voice and prepare to be richly entertained!


Regarding this fresh new artist, Glenn Phillips wrote, “thanks so much, J.A., both for your message and your beautiful music. Your voice is like Sam Cooke’s: it transports the listener to another world.”

Others have described this artist’s music as “beautiful. reminds me a little of Joni Mitchell.”

Stunning comparisons for a newcomer! Upon closer consideration, J.A. Etchison reveals a gentle yet gutsy outlook, at once country-fresh and distinct.

Raised in the pure prairie heartland of Nebraska, and coming of age in the Southern urban metropolis of Atlanta, the Georgia singer-songsmith builds aural sculptures in this debut EP of storysongs as fresh and invigorating as sunset on the beach.

“Now Is The Time” is a rousing anthem passionately refusing to accept the status quo, challenging us all to keep fighting to make the world a better place. A graceful recorder solo accentuates the poignancy of “Never Stop Believing,” a contemplative ballad that honors an unsung heroine who wanted to change the world in her lifetime, yet struggled balancing teaching, homemaking, the dream of public service, and survival. In the album’s title cut, “I Remember,” Etchison vigorously tries to capture just what Memorial Day stands for, and ends up with something touching and universal.

Etchison’s alternative folk glimpses of Americana bring to mind the acoustic elegance of Alison Krauss, the intimate perspective of early James Taylor, and the subtle, untamed vibrancy of Tracy Chapman; but the keen, haunting pictures J.A. Etchison paints with words, melodies and smooth vocals, of people others sometimes find invisible and unvalued, refresh the 21st century soul.

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