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Image for Hitman David Foster and Friends Asia Tour Manila 2024

Hitman David Foster and Friends Asia Tour Manila 2024

  June 18, 2024 8:00 PM

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REGULAR: PHP7,300.00 / PHP6,900.00 / PHP5,300.00 / PHP3,800.00 / PHP3,000.00 / PHP1,600.00 / PHP900.00

REGULAR Public Onsale: April 19, 2024 7:00 PM to June 18, 2024 6:00 PM

Please be advised that we are currently NOT ACCEPTING credit cards issued outside of the Philippines.
Please contact us at so we could assist you in your purchase. Thank you.

The act of selling or reselling, or attempted selling or reselling, or act of soliciting or attempted soliciting of tickets at a price in excess of the original price, in online auction sites or any secondary market, either by the original purchaser or any subsequent bearer, is a violation of the applicable anti-scalping laws and regulations. In addition to potential criminal prosecution against the seller and buyer, Ticketnet reserves the right to cancel without refund any and all tickets sold or used in breach of this condition and refuse admission to the bearer of said tickets.

      * Strictly NO TICKET, NO ENTRY and NO RE-ENTRY policy.

Select A Section From The Map Below:

Pricing from PHP900.00 to PHP15,000.00
Seating Chart 101-PORT11101-PORT11103-PORT1103-PORT1104-PORT6104-PORT7105-PORT7105-PORT8106-PORT7106-PORT9107-PORT11107-PORT9108-PORT11108-PORT9113-PORT1113-PORT3114-PORT3114-PORT5115-PORT3115-PORT5116-PORT4116-PORT5117-PORT5117-PORT6200-PORT8201-PORT10202-PORT10203-PORT12204-PORT12205-PORT12206-PORT15207-PORT15208-PORT15208-PORT15208-PORT15215-PORT4216-PORT4217-PORT6218-PORT6219-PORT6220-PORT8221-PORT8400-PORT9401-PORT9402-PORT9403-PORT11404-PORT11405-PORT11406-PORT14407-PORT14408-PORT14418-PORT5419-PORT5420-PORT5421-PORT7422-PORT7423-PORT7GA


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