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Third Thursday Gallery Tour

  April 18, 2024 6:00 PM

Doors Open: 5:00 PM

INDIVIDUAL Public Onsale: February 20, 2024 8:58 AM to April 18, 2024 6:00 PM

Third Thursday Gallery Tour

April 18, 2024

Doors: 5:00pm for Golden Hour

Tour: 6:00 – 6:45pm, Meet in the Guild Room


Join Julie Carpenter, Director of Art & Programming, for a free 45-minute guided tour of Epiphany’s art galleries. Come early for Golden Hour music, grab a beverage and a bite at the Café Bar and then explore new exhibits! For exhibit information, go to:

The guided tour includes:

Guild Room
Abraham’s solo exhibition, MY CHAOTIC ORDER, is a collection of paintings that explore the many facets of the artist’s mind through expressionless characters and symbolism. Consumerism is a constant theme woven into each piece, contributing to the depicted chaos. Diving deep into a multitude of subjects that reflect on the human experience, serious and thought-provoking narratives are conveyed through Abraham’s whimsical characters and a tapestry of playful landscapes.

Sacristy & Slemmons Galleries
Nancy Lu Rosenheim: HARPY · HUMAN · HYBRID · BEAST
Nancy Lu Rosenheim’s menagerie celebrates the vulnerabilities and limitations inherent in the human psyche. Her characters expose the flaws we prefer to conceal – a hairy mole, age-spotted skin, and the cowering posture of embarrassment or shame. Embracing sculpture, printmaking and works on paper, scale navigates between a seven-inch homunculus to a nine-foot worm, inviting the viewer to consider their own stature relative to other living beings. 

Chase Gallery
Lynn Basa | Christine Forni | Bobbi Meier: THICK-SKINNED
cuts both ways. It’s the build-up of imperviousness to life’s abrasions over time and lived experience, but it’s also a form of concealment. Without these protections, the human condition would be unbearable. Lynn Basa, Christine Forni, and Bobbi Meier each have their way of approaching material as a metaphor for this survival membrane between the external world and themselves.

Sanctuary Hall Gallery
Khleo Morris creates portraits that explore the nature of duality and the strengths pulled from opposing aspects of her subjects. Her work is inspired by film processing and photographic negatives that have subtle attributes not quite captured in the developed imagery, as if exposing the spirit of the image. Putting both phases of development at play captures the intricate nature of human existence, where light and darkness coexist.

Catacombs Gallery
Jordan Porter-Woodruff: PORTRAITS: WORKING HANDS
In her photography series, Jordan Porter-Woodruff highlights the hands of basketball players, sculptors, chefs, and others, to celebrate the fundamental tools that bring creativity to life. Not only does this series focus on the creativity that hands produce, but it also alludes to the beauty of intimacy and the power of touch. Collectively, the photographs are a reminder of the power of our hands and their ability to create proud moments, while also recalling the darkness that they can produce. 

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