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**Headliners Music Hall Survival Fund**

Due to COVID-19, independent music venues have been closed since mid-March 2020 and will be among the last businesses to open, likely well into 2021.
Headliners Music Hall and over 1500 just like her are experiencing an extinction-level event. We are not just at $0 revenue, we are at negative revenue as already scheduled and expensed concerts continue to cancel and refund tickets. But the bills still mount up.

We will continue to fundraise through our gofundme for our affected employees. And we will continue to fight with our fellow NIVA members across the country and you, the over 500,000 music fans that petitioned on our behalf, for funding in Congress. But until that battle is won, and the music remains silent, our survival depends on your generosity.

Please consider a donation at one of the levels below and receive free tickets of your choosing (based upon availability)

Music is a key aspect to life that brings us all together. And we look forward to the day when we can open our doors to you again, sharing amazing music and making memories with the community that has supported us for decades. With Love and Gratitude - The Headliners Music Hall and Production Simple Family. #SaveOurStages