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Jonah Prill

October 16, 2021 8:00 PM

Doors Open: 7:00 PM
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Jonah Prill

On a humble ranch in Montana, surrounded by mountains as far as the eye can see, a 23-year-old rancher by the name of Jonah Prill decided to say ‘hey’ to something other than his horses…and share his music with the world.

Within a matter of months, over a million people across the country and around the world were roped in by his country boy charm and simple way of life. The casanova’s lyrics draw a crowd, that’s for sure, but he is not just any other social media influencer.  He is a TikTok cowboy if you will, a TikTok cowboy with a voice that lights a fire like kerosene and words that keep it lit.

And he doesn’t plan to let the fire fizzle out anytime soon.

Though people might be quick to make assumptions about guys like Jonah Prill, this talented singer/songwriter with the undeniable western charm comes from pure country music pedigree, having grown up in the shadow of his famous grandfather Dean Evans. You see, Evans was a country artist himself, having released country songs such as “Lottin Dottin” and playing multiple gigs in Texas before making the ultimate decision to move to Montana to become a cowboy.

Prill’s storyline could have easily ended up the same.

A native of Billings, Montana, Prill grew up hiking amongst a gorgeous landscape filled with a plethora of mountains and pine trees. He spent his days riding around on the dirt roads not only in his four-wheeler, but in the passenger seat of his dad’s 1976 Ford Bronco, listening to the same twenty U2 songs on the only CD that ever seemed to be in the darn player.

“Wild horses and open spaces are so underrated,” Prill explained.

In high school, Prill played football and listened to country music turned up loud. He toyed with the idea of playing the guitar, but never could seem to get around to putting too much effort into it. However, through it all, country music served as the backbeat to his life.

“Country music, cattle and sunburns - the Montana summer essentials,” he would write on his social media channels.

Eventually, Prill did begin learning to play the guitar, and much like everything else he put his mind to, he quickly picked it up. He found himself spending many a night out by the bonfire experimenting with various chords and lyrics, finding a way to lend his voice to the unique brand of music he kept hearing over and over in his head. He even booked some shows around town. Friends and family began to point out that Prill had this genuine way of charming everyone who saw him or heard him sing. Could he give country music a go? He wasn’t sure.

You see, Prill has never been one to let unrealistic goals take up too much room in his head. Chances were good that he would spend the rest of his days working with the cattle or at the local landscaping company in town. He would spend his nights hanging out with his friends or maybe trying out a new song on the small stage at some small bar on a Thursday night. Eventually, he would look into getting a real job with a stable salary……an x-ray technician perhaps.

But then, one random day, Prill decided to appease modern media and create a TikTok account.

The now thriving social media influencer would be the first to admit, he never put too much thought into what he shared on the social media platform. He would record himself working with the cattle in Montana or on a ranch in Wyoming...

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