Tim Shropshire (Special Event)

February 13, 2020 7:30 PM

Doors Open: 6:00 PM
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Tim Shropshire is a dynamic comedian who brings a refreshing dose of clean and hilariously funny material to any event. A native of Fayetteville, N.C, Tim was always labeled the class clown throughout his middle and high school career. He had the gift of making people laugh and everyone around him knew it. Tim grew up in a family of high spirited and jovial personalities which allowed him to develop in an environment that allowed for positive thinking and comedic expressions.

When Tim went off to college, it was not long before his label of class clown took root. He was known around campus as the practical joker and the guy that everyone wanted to be around. Tim played football in college, and one year while sitting out a season, he made the decision to develop a stronger relationship with God.

Tim later became an active member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes and joined Evangel Word Fellowship Church of Greensboro, NC. At Evangel Word Fellowship Church while Tim was still searching for the purpose and calling on his life, he read a book from his Pastor, the late Bishop Otis Locket, Sr., entitled "Understanding Your Divine Calling." This book changed his life forever. Although Tim knew that he was funny and could make people laugh, it wasn't until reading this book that he discovered his passion for comedy. The peak of this revelation birthed Tim Shrop Comedy, and after this came much success.

Tim has traveled the country and overseas sharing his multidimensional comedic talents with the world. Using, "Comedy the way God likes it" as his slogan, Tim has stayed true to his faith while using unique comedic methods such as acting as fictional characters, hosting his own talk / variety show, producing online comedic videos and performing stand-up routines to bring the funny to people of various backgrounds.
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