Pedaljets [big room]

April 30, 2020 10:00 PM

Doors Open: 9:00 PM
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Kansas City rock & roll powerhouse the Pedaljets have spent decades flying just under the radar. From their inception in 1984, their raucous brand of scuzzy, melodic jangle-pop and jagged post-punk placed them in league with some of the decade's most beloved rockers, from The Replacements and Hüsker Dü to Meat Puppets and The Flaming Lips, all of whom the Pedaljets have performed alongside on stages across the United States. Their music has received critical acclaim from countless publications, including The A.V. Club, Diffuser.FM, Uncut Magazine, Blurt Magazine, The Big Takeover, and the notoriously critical CREEM Magazine. Twist The Lens continues to build upon the legacy the Pedaljets have created over the past three decades, showcasing the comfort and maturity of their years spent performing together as well as the electric fervor that has permeated their music since the beginning. Twist The Lens is only the second new release from the Pedaljets since their reformation in the late 2000s, arriving six years after their most recent LP, What's In Between. While What's In Between served as a reintroduction to the band's Midwestern college rock, Twist The Lens finds the band pushing themselves further than ever before, abandoning the constrictions of genre and focusing on expanding their sound. At its core, the melodic, proto-grunge sound that characterized the Pedaljets' earlier releases still reigns supreme, but with a deeper exploration of melody, harmony, and pop-rock influence, as well as a newfound writing ethos that allowed the members to push themselves into unfamiliar sonic territory. Vocalist/guitarist Mike Allmayer says, "When I demo a song, I always have ideas for arrangements and all the other parts. But then once the band gets to work on it, I'm like, 'Well this is going in a totally different direction, but it's great.' That's the beauty of working with these guys for thirty-five years. Some of the directions we'd take with these songs took me outside of my comfort zone at first, but we decided to follow them down that road and it always led to something better." Twist The Lens was recorded in three main sessions, produced by the Pedaljets alongside their former lead guitarist Paul Malinowski (Shiner, Season To Risk). Though the Pedaljets core trio of Allmayer, bassist Matt Kesler, and drummer Rob Morrow has remained a constant throughout their tenure as a band, they've worked with multiple lead guitarists throughout the years, with Twist The Lens being the first record to showcase their newest addition, Cody Wyoming. Bringing in Wyoming, and working alongside Malinowski, allowed the new songs to benefit from a fresh and outside perspective, while still keeping the album within the Pedaljets family. It also lent itself to a more utilitarian process where, as Allmayer describes, "We would constantly listen back and ask ourselves, 'Are you hearing something this song needs?' We were really focused on pushing ourselves to make the best music we can and being extra critical." To round out the team, the band brought in veteran producer John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Kurt Vile) to mix the record and reunited with Archer Prewitt (The Sea and Cake) whose artwork has adorned the last three Pedaljets album covers. Kicking off the album, "Disassociation Blues" explores the intricacies of romantic communication, with Allmayer's hypnotic vocals drifting atop a repeating, post-punk channeling guitar line. The track continues to build throughout its three and a half minute run time, adding sparkling layers of guitars to create a soundscape that's equal parts R.E.M. and Joy Division. "Down Town," meanwhile, takes its sonic cues from Tom Petty, with Allmayer's lyrics painting in broad strokes, creating a skeleton framework of hopelessness for listeners to fill in with their Own experience
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