GRRL FEST IV [big room]

August 22, 2020 4:00 PM

Doors Open: 3:00 PM
Join us for another year for a magical night filled with music, art, and love on Saturday, May 23! You know the drill (and if ya don't, PAY ATTENTION) --> This show is an annual women's benefit festival. We are coming together to celebrate the powerful and hardworking femmes within our community. Here's the deal -- every band that plays has at least one member that identifies as a female, and every single dollar raised goes to the Southern Girl's Rock Camp through YEAH! Rocks (want more info? here ya go All of the art for this event is by Sara Mosely (@cakeslime). $$$ 15 $$$ If you've made it this are the acts this year! Click those links if you wanna give your ears a lil treat before May :) ~Bruiser Queen (St. Louis) ~Harlan ~Magnolia ~Mama Honey ~Louise Page ~Schaefer Llana ~Big Clown ~Rosey ~True Danger ~Treespots ~Lahna Deering FEATURED ARTISTS: - Proud Mary - Sarah Day - Lexi Perkins - Jess Kirk - Ixora Memphis SPONSORED BY: Goner Records Memphis Made Brewery Aldo's Pizza Pies

Not On Sale