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The Portland Music Stream SUBSCRIPTION Month 1

SUBSCRIBE to the Portland Music Stream and enjoy the best of Portland music performed live and streamed directly to your device.

You can't come to the theater, so we are bringing the concerts to you.



Bringing you live-streamed concerts by some of Portland's finest talents and sent directly to you. It's a way to still see and hear the bands & artists you love, support them through this gig-less time, share a concert experience and connect with others in the Portland music community.

THE PORTLAND MUSIC STREAM is a subscription service. For $100 you will get 20 concerts sent to you, with new shows 5 nights per week and all available on demand. For now, we are planning shows between March 20th and April 17th. Your subscription would help keep a vital venue alive, musicians able to perform, and foster community in this time of social distancing.

And if that's not enough, THE PORTLAND MUSIC STREAM is donating money to help artists, musicians, and other independent contractors. Once the basic expenses are met, we will donate 10% of the proceeds to the Jeremy Wilson Foundation. The JWF is a musicians' health care non-profit that supports the musicians of Portland with vital services. The more subscribers we get to the channel, the larger the percentage of the revenue will go to the fund.

$100 plus a $6 service fee for 20 shows, all of which are live-streamed and also available on demand.


Performers include:
3/21: Michael Dean Damron
3/22: Lewi Longmire
3/25: Ashleigh Flynn
3/26: Kris Deelane
3/27: 3 Leg Torso
3/28: Eric Stern
3/29: LaRhonda & Mark Steele
4/1: Jerry Joseph
4/2: Rebecca Marie Miller (of Lenore.)
4/3: Garcia Birthday Band
4/4: Tony Furtado & Stephanie Schneiderman
4/5: Tavé Fasce Drake (of Gerle Haggard)
4/8: Jeffrey Martin & Anna Tivel
4/9: Steve Kerin
4/10: David Jacobs-Strain
4/11: Jeff Haigerty's John Prine Tribute
4/12: Rachel Brashear
4/15: Joy Pearson (of Lenore.)
4/16: Kevin Burke
4/17: Paul Brainard and Ian Miller

**Edna Vazquez' performance, which was originally scheduled for 4/18 is being postponed due to illness. Edna is going to perform as part of the 2nd season on the Portland Music Stream, the date is TBA. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Performers/Dates Subject to Change.
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