Payment Plan Overview and Agreement

How it works

  • Key items:

    • All items in your order subject to a Payment Plan will be held until full payment is satisfied. You will not receive your tickets until all initial and subsequent payments are satisfied to the terms of your Payment Plan. 

    • No funds will be returned in the case of default. If you default, you will not receive a refund. 

    • No items subject to Payment Plan will be delivered to you in the case of default. If you default, you will not receive your tickets. 

    • There will be no cancellations, returns or refunds of any payment made. 

    • You will not be charged interest or fees on your Payment Plan unless you fail to make a payment or, in some circumstances, if your payment is returned. 

    • A Late Fee of up to $5 may be charged if any scheduled payment remains unpaid after 10 days. 

  • When available, you may choose to pay in full or select a Payment Plan option. You must use your own valid debit or credit card to pay.

  • Payments will follow a schedule established by the venue and will be disclosed to you at the time of purchase. Common payment plans include three or four payments, and your first payment is usually due at the time of initial checkout.

  • Full payment of your Payment Plan is required before any items in your order will be delivered to you, including all tickets. Any items for which you are paying by Payment Plan will be held until final payment is successfully made. 

  • By establishing a Payment Plan, you agree to the Etix Terms of Service and Purchase Policy and agree to complete all payments due. Funds are non-refundable and failure to complete all payments will result in default status. In the event of default, the collected funds will not be returned, and you will not receive any items in your order, including tickets. 

  • Depending on your payment method, your financial institution may charge you interest or fees under your agreement with them. If you have any questions about those charges, contact your financial institution. 

Payment Plan Agreement

Payment Schedule

When you elect to use the Payment Plan option, you will be presented with applicable payment terms, including: 

  • The amount of your initial payment due. The initial payment is the first of your scheduled payments and is collected immediately at the time of order. The initial payment will be made automatically on the date of purchase. 

  • The amount of each subsequent payment due. Installment payments represent the amount to be collected in the future. Installment payments will automatically be collected against your supplied method of payment on the dates shown in your payment schedule. 

Promise to Pay

By selecting the Payment Plan option and using this service, you are instructing us to collect any payment due at the time of purchase, and further promise to pay, by each due date, the subsequent installment payments until the full amount due has been paid. You agree to have subsequent payments automatically charged to the payment method used at the time of purchase. 

No Interest or Finance Charges

There are no interest or other finance charges due on a Payment Plan option, unless a scheduled payment remains unpaid as defined above. All fees will be disclosed during the purchase process. 

Payment Methods

Acceptable payment methods will be displayed during the checkout process. Most valid credit and debit cards that are not scheduled to expire in the near future are likely to be accepted. We may limit the types of accepted payment methods at our discretion. If a type of payment method is not accepted, such as a particular credit or debit card, you will be notified before your purchase is completed. 

Payments made by debit and credit card will be subject to the terms and conditions established by the card issuer. If charges cannot be processed through your debit or credit card, or if your bank draft or electronic funds transfer is returned for insufficient funds, you will be responsible for any fees incurred and Etix will have no liability with respect thereto.

We reserve the right to not accept prepaid cards. You may change your payment method at any time, and if you do, you authorize us to charge your new payment method in accordance with this Agreement. 

Storing of Payment Method Details

By selecting the Payment Plan option you authorize us to store your payment method details in our system. We will use this information to authorize future charges as outlined in this Agreement and in your Payment Plan. We may also use this information to prefill your payment method details for future Payment Plan payments. You may manage your payment method details online via your Account Manager. In the event that we receive updated payment method information from your bank, you agree that we may update and use this information in our system.

Prepayment of Balance Due

You may prepay part or all of your outstanding total purchase amount, including all future installment payments due, at any time. There is no penalty for prepaying any amount owed. Early payments will not relieve you of your obligation to continue to make payments. Prepaying any portion of your outstanding total purchase amount will not change the amount of any subsequent Installment Payment, unless the remaining total purchase amount is less than your subsequent Installment Payment, in which case we will only charge you the remaining Total Purchase Amount on the next Due Date.

Delivery of Tickets and Other Items

When making a purchase with a Payment Plan, all items subject to the Payment Plan will be held as pending or otherwise delayed from delivery to you (physical, electronic or otherwise) pending completion of full payment due. Full payment of your Payment Plan is required before items will be delivered to you. 

Late Fee

If any payment remains unpaid for 10 days after its due date, you agree to pay us a Late Fee of up to $5 per occurrence (or such lesser amount as required by law), except where prohibited by applicable law. The Late Fee will be waived or refunded in the event our error results in you incurring a Late Fee.

Cancellations and Refunds

By selecting and agreeing to the Payment Plan option, you understand that there will be no cancellations, returns or refunds of any payment made. This includes initial payment and all subsequent installment payments. 


Except where prohibited by law, you will be in default of this agreement and your Payment Plan if:

  1. You fail to make any payment in full by its due date.

  2. You become the subject of insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings.

  3. You supply false, misleading, deceptive or incorrect information to us.

  4. A payment is returned to us by your bank or financial institution.

  5. You violate or are unwilling to comply with any provision of your Payment Plan agreement (each a “default”)

In the event of default, we may exercise any or all of the following (without limitation, subject to applicable law): 

  1. Demand payment of all that you owe under your Payment Plan agreement.

  2. Employ a debt collection agency to collect payment.

  3. Keep all previously paid funds. No funds will be returned in the case of default. 

  4. Return all items in your order to available inventory to be purchased by other patrons. No items subject to Payment Plan will be delivered to you in the case of default. You will not receive your tickets until all initial and subsequent payments are satisfied to the terms of your Payment Plan. 

Communication & Notification

You agree to allow Etix to send you payment reminders from time to time. You agree that Etix may provide you communications about your Payment Plan and related services electronically or through phone calls or in writing. Standard mobile, message or data rates may apply, and you are responsible for any such fees. Etix reserves the right to close or limit access to your account and immediately collect all due amounts if you withdraw your consent to receive electronic or other communications. Any electronic communications will be considered to be received by you within 24 hours of the time we send it to your attention (such as via email, text message or other online notification). We may assume you have received any communications sent to you by postal mail 3 business days after we send them.

Payment Authorization

THIS PAYMENT AUTHORIZATION PERTAINS TO ALL PAYMENT SCHEDULES WE DELIVER TO YOU AND AUTHORIZES US TO INITIATE ADDITIONAL PAYMENTS IN THE EVENT YOU FAIL TO PAY ON TIME. READ IT VERY CAREFULLY BEFORE CONSENTING TO THIS AGREEMENT. To complete your Purchase you will indicate a debit card or credit card with which you wish to make payments on your Payment Plan (together, along with any substitute debit card, credit card or bank account you may later provide to us, the "Payment Method"). Your Payment Method and payments can be changed, modified or terminated as further described below. For the purposes of this Payment Authorization, the words "we", "us" and "our" include Etix and its partner venues, successors, assigns, agents, and other service providers or any person to whom this Agreement is transferred or assigned.

  • Authorization for Initial Payment: For each Payment Schedule that we deliver to you, you authorize us to initiate a one-time debit from, or charge to, as applicable, the Payment Method in the amount of the Initial Payment indicated on that Payment Schedule. Initial Payments will occur on or soon after the date of your Purchase.

  • Authorization for Installment Payments: For each Payment Schedule that we deliver to you, you also authorize us to initiate recurring debits from, or charges to, as applicable, the Payment Method in the amounts and on or soon after the dates set forth on that Payment Schedule.

  • Authorization to Vary Amounts: If you are paying by debit card, you have the right to receive written notice if any Installment Payment will vary from the amount authorized above. While we will generally provide at least 10 days' advance written notice of any Installment Payment that varies from the amount disclosed on an applicable Payment Schedule, you agree that we need not provide written notice if the amount of the Installment Payment is less than the disclosed amount or, no more than the Installment Payment plus any unpaid amounts, fees or charges due under this Agreement.

  • Authorization for Late and Returned Payment Fees and to Modify or Combine Payments: You authorize us to initiate a separate payment from the Payment Method or any other payment option you have on file with us (an "Alternate Payment Method"), at our sole discretion, for each separate fee due under the Agreement such as a Late Fee. You also authorize us to combine multiple payments that we may be initiating on the same day from the Payment Method into a single payment. Instead of or in addition to any payment described above, you authorize us to initiate payments from the Payment Method for any amount and on any date that you subsequently direct by phone, email or other method we make available. 

  • Authorization to Correct Payments, Maintain Accurate Balance and Update Payment Method Information: You authorize us to debit or credit your Payment Method as necessary to (1) correct any error we may make in processing a payment on or after the date such error occurs; or (2) as otherwise necessary to obtain an accurate balance under this Agreement such as when you have a credit balance on your account with us. If there is any missing or erroneous information with respect to the Payment Method or the associated financial institution, you authorize us to verify and correct such information.

  • Reinitiating a rejected debit: Unless otherwise limited by law, if any payment under this Payment Authorization is rejected or otherwise returned unpaid, you authorize us to reinitiate it up to three additional times. However, you agree that we are under no obligation to reinitiate any rejected charges or debits. You understand that your financial institution or card issuer may impose fees in connection with rejected charges or debits, and you agree that we do not have any liability to you for such fees. You understand that the associated financial institution may impose fees in connection with rejected payments, and you agree that we do not have any liability for such fees. If you know that a payment will be rejected by your financial institution (e.g., because there is not enough money in the account or availability on the card), you should update your payment method on file or contact us to update your payment method.

  • Miscellaneous: You promise that the Payment Method and, if applicable, any Alternate Payment Methods, are legitimate, open and active and that you are an authorized user on such account(s). You understand that this Authorization is subject to applicable law and network rules. Each payment will be processed in U.S. dollars, and, if it is converted into another currency, its amount may vary based on fluctuations in the applicable conversion rate.

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