IIn the moderate apartments of the inner city lives Cassandra Cane. A hard-working mother of one who is one paycheck away from being broke. As she struggles through life as a single mother, she also struggles with her love for a man that only wants her when he wants her and needs certain needs fulfilled. In her unhealthy lifestyle of holding onto this complicated love interest, she is also holding on to a secret that only she and he knows. Her life turns as a sudden tragic event changes the landscape of this woeful situation and a caring overlooked soul becomes the main attraction. Does Cassandra continue living as the side chick or does the secret she has kept for a man who didn't love her come full circle and shock the mindset of the situation. You never know a person's situation from the outside looking in. This is one story, that will be sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Come see it all unfold in Confessions of a Side Chick.