Show Day Guidelines for Audience 1. All tickets MUST be bought online, we will NOT be selling tickets at the gate to limit contact. and you must have them printed out or on your phone. 2. Temperature checks will be done at the gate. If you have a temp of higher then 99 you will not be allowed in and you are to sanitize upon entering. 3. Masks must be worn upon entering the area and can be removed (if you choose) when you get to your spot. 4. Seating will be first come first serve and festival style. You are REQUIRED to bring either a blanket or chair, whichever you prefer, there will be designated spots to sit complying with social distancing rules. (there will be a section blocked off for blankets so chairs will not block you) THERE IS NO STANDING ALLOWED! you must be seat Join Simply Dance Studio for our Spring Production, "Beyond the Rainbow''. Experience a timeless classic with a modern twist. Enjoy a night of dance and take a journey down the yellow brick road with us! Great for all ages!