The Animals' Christmas Tree by Andy Beck & Brian Fisher
'Twas The Opening Night Before Christmas by Flip Kobler & Cindy Marcus
Presents on Parade by Andy Beck & Brian Fisher
Director: Kathleen Rudolph [Raleigh Little Theatre]
Musical Director: Annette Stowe
Choreographer: Andy Beck
The Animals' Christmas Tree (musical)-When the animals of Winter Wood awaken to find that their favorite pine tree is missing from the forest, they join together and mount a grand search. They eventually discover their precious pine displayed in the town square of nearby Merryville, just as the annual tree lighting celebration begins. They watch in wonder as the festive villagers decorate the tree, making it more "beartiful" than ever.

'Twas the Opening Night Before Christmas-It's Christmas Eve at the church and the pageant must go on in one hour. Even as parishoners are lining up at the door the players, aren't prepared, the producer's big plans are over budget, the directors are engaged in a power struggle, the chorus keeps clucking away, and all the the while the pastor's hopes to to raise funds to help the homeless hang on a wing and a prayer.

Presents on Parade (musical)-When the kids learn they could snag a spot in Toyland department store's amazing tradition, they march into action. Soon, everyone joins the ranks of the festive holiday parade.

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