With special guest: Dan TedescoWhen problem solving, the process of trial and error can be effective but frustrating. This has been singer-songwriter Patrick Park's experience with recording music - exhausting all the sonic possibilities of a song, before finally succumbing to the ebb and flow of the creative process.
After wrapping up the tour for his 2014 album, Love Like Swords, the weight of touring alone in a van for months, partnered with the financial realities of being a musician, began to take its toll. Park turned to writing songs for other artists, but, despite having success, he wasn't receiving creative fulfillment from the routine. After finding solace from existential dread through meditation and working a suicide hotline counselor, Park began to write music for himself again, and thus, his 2019 album 'Here/Gone' was born. With many of the songs materializing as letters to his then-unborn son and aural reckonings with the brevity of life, the album encapsulates the incessant urge to chase things in life that only bring a fleeting sense of fulfillment - and how sometimes, the most substantial form of fulfillment comes from simply letting go.Smoke free. All ages. Wheelchair accessible.Special needs seating call (414) 286-3205.All sales final. No refunds, exchanges or 3rd party pick-up.Regardless of the Method of Delivery selected, the box office reserves the right to switch any tickets to will call pickup at the box office for pick-up starting 2 hours before the show's start time. A photo ID and the charge card used for the purchase must be presented.THIS TICKET MAY NOT BE RESOLD FOR ABOVE FACE VALUE BY ANY INDIVIDUAL. ANY INDIVIDUAL OR ENTITY RESELLING THIS TICKET FOR ABOVE FACE VALUE BY ANY METHOD, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, IN PERSON, ON AN AUCTION WEBSITE, OR OTHERWISE OVER THE INTERNET, IS SUBJECT TO LEGAL ACTION. ANY TICKET FOUND TO BE OFFERED FOR RESALE ABOVE FACE VALUE WILL BE VOIDED AND SUBJECT TO ADDITIONAL FEES.Any questions? Call the Pabst Box Office: (414) 286-3663.