Bang Productions presents the NITRO COMEDY TOUR the craziest comedy
show in America. Starring Comedians Andrew Conn, Ginger Billy & Catfish
Cooley. The show is produced by John Edmonds Kozma.

Comedian Catfish Cooley brings high energy comedy to his southern following
with a punch. Don't judge a book by it's cover - he's not just a guy
drinking hot sauce and chugging whiskey, he's a real storyteller with a
positive message. You may recognize him from when he was featured on
Tosh.O. Sometimes compared to Larry the Cable Guy, he's the happiest
redneck SOB you ever did meet!

Comedian Andrew Conn to the stage. The newest additions playful personality
and comical facial expressions resemble that of a redneck Jim Carrey,
fueling the already hysterical lineup featuring Catfish Cooley and Ginger
Billy. When Andrew isn't busy sharing his offbeat, true-life experiences
center stage, he's sharing his comedic journey through unfiltered videos
that are sure to make you laugh.

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