January 24
Ticket Price: $12.00 General Admission
The Big and the Beautiful Comedy Show features Comedian Kenneth "The Big Kenney" Johnson, as seen on Showtime at the Apollo, Bet's Comic View and Shaq's All Star Comedy Jam along with Comedienne LaShawn. Both bring their zesty and unique brands of comedy to the stage, talking about everything under the Sun. Their twist on life, love and the pursuit of happiness,is guaranteed to have their audiences bust a gut, laugh until they cry, slap their knees, and just about wet their pants from laughter. You don't want to miss this show

LaShawn is originally from the Midwest, but now resides in Atlanta. She is a comedian, actress, self-published author, intimacy coach, and co-host of Candid Conversations with LaShawn & Sonja. LaShawn has used humor to make light of serious situations all her life and to stay out of jail. She truly believes that you have to laugh to keep from crying; for that reason, she brings her frustration with her job, social media, stalkers, dating, and life in general to the stage because it is cheaper than a psychiatrist. Her brand of comedy is honest, witty, in-your-face, and relatable to the audience.
She is a self-proclaimed overachiever who is experiencing under achiever results. LaShawn is a licensed cosmetologist, has a B.A., M.S., and is currently in the dissertation phase of her doctoral studies. She is a veteran (retired) of the U.S. Army with over 20 years of active and reserve military service. Before comedy LaShawn studied theatre at Georgia State University and has appeared in various local plays and independent films. Her television appearances include Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva and Anna Nicole Smith.