Grammy-award winning Bluegrass quintet The SteelDrivers return to Minneapolis

They say the only thing consistent about change is...well, that it changes. Whether through design or destiny, that’s a precept the SteelDrivers know all too well. Throughout their
career -- one that encompasses four highly acclaimed albums and any number of awards and accolades -- the band has demonstrated the ability to adapt to change with unwavering persistence. Their’s is
a lingering legacy defined by quality and consistency. It’s one in which they’ve never stopped looking forward, successfully marshalling their resources for wherever that trajectory takes them.

With Special Guests Nickel&Rose

Nickel&Rose is an American Music duo Carl Nichols (guitar) and Johanna Rose (upright bass)
playing Folk, Blues, Jazz and Country with world music influence. They have influences that
span the spectrum of American music. From loss to heartbreak to love, the Milwaukee based
Nickel&Rose address the human experience with gentle harmonies and soul stirring cries. With
a shared appreciation for traditional music and a desire to break rules, the two have have
created a unique sound that embodies Americana's past and future.
Nickel&Rose will be joined by fiddler Ernest Brusubardis IV.

The SteelDrivers is presented by The Cedar Cultural Center.

The Cedar Cultural Center is a non-profit performing arts organization and all-ages music venue that presents the best in local, national, and international music. Our mission is to promote intercultural appreciation and understanding through the presentation of global music and dance.

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