Warning: Eddie's show is​ ​edgy, politically incorrect to the extreme and  downright dirty.​ It's also safe to say that Eddie is one of the most traveled  comedians in show business. He has headlined not only all over the United States  and the UK, but also in 15 other countries including South Africa, Australia, New  Zealand, China and the United Arab Emirates. His travels were chronicled for a  documentary film, entitled ​"I Love Pussy." ​Known for his quick wit and  caustic-style of comedy, Eddie Ifft - a critically acclaimed comic, has a habit of speaking first and then  thinking, which gets him in trouble - a lot. Eddie also filmed his ​DVD "Live From Australia"​ in front of a  sold out audience at the ​Sydney Opera House.​ He has also made numerous TV appearances on shows  such as ​Comedy Central's "Premium Blend,"  "BET's Comic View," NBC's "Late Friday Night,"  VH1's "Never Mind the Buzzcocks," "Comic's  Unleashed," "Comic Remix,"​ ​"Chelsea Lately,"  and his own 30-minute special​ "Comedy Central  Presents Eddie Ifft." ​He's also performed on  "," "Getting Doug With High,"  "Gotham Comedy Live," ​and​ "Comedians in Bars  Drinking Beer." ​ Eddie's popularity has expanded  to Australia, where he has appeared on numerous TV  shows, including ​"Rove," "Thank God You're  Here," "The Footy Show" ​and ​"Good News  Week."​ ​ Eddie has also worked as the host of   "Shark Week," ​ spent a season as the ​ABC "College  Football Guy,"​ earned a job as ​ 'man-on-the-street'   on the ​"Queen Latifah Show," ​hosted a pilot  "Strap-On"​ for ​Comedy Central,​ and co-hosted a  sports radio show on New York's legendary ​WNEW.  Eddie has been seen on​ "The Daily Habit," "Jokes  on You," "The Laugh Factory," "The Green  Room with Paul Provenza"​ and on the TV series  "Legit." ​Eddie's brand of humor was heard weekly on his podcast ​ "Talkin' Sh*t"​ with Jim Jeffries and Eddie Ifft and is gaining popularity and fans worldwide.​ "   Eddie's show is not for the squeamish!! His material is edgy, politically incorrect, and downright   dirty. In fact, the whole show is booked that way.     If you get offended during this show - WE WARNED YOU :)