Emperor Plum
Emperor Plum is the dream pop / indie rock project of Kenza S, Lillian Hunter, and Nikhil Rao. The three DC residents formed the band after a chance encounter on a hazy summer night. With backgrounds in indie-pop, shoegaze, and post-punk, the trio channels vintage soundscapes, earnest melodies, and intimate vocal performances that evoke feelings of an unknown nostalgia. Following their recently released demos "Why's Your Body" and "Eyes and Lungs," Emperor Plum will drop their first full length album, Elderly Youth, in spring of 2019. 

Pen Palindrome
Pen Palindrome is the solo project of Virginia-native, Ava Mirzadegan. Her songs function as a sort of roadmap for finding joy while experiencing grief and anxiety. She creates folk-tinged indie rock that is earnest and a little melancholic. But if you asked her, she'd call it "ambient rock that you can take home to meet your family." After years of working behind the scenes as an intern, blogger, radio host, and publicist, Pen Palindrome is Ava's first step onto the other side of the mirror as a performer. This March, she released a collection of demos entitled Dilettante Ball. The songs were recorded in various rooms of her home onto a zoom recorder, and dubbed onto handmade cassette tapes.

Clara Joy
Clara Joy is an 18 year old musician born and raised in New York City. She writes menacing songs about personal existential crises, and sardonic critiques of her surroundings in our world today. She began writing music when she was 15 and posted her first album, "Hello World" thinking nothing would happen. Now, she has just released her sixth album, "Do You Remember Me", a compilation of memories and internal questions, in hopes to relate to others.

The Booyah! Kids
The Booyah! Kids are Aidan Ludlam, Emma Lee, and Julian Kaufman. They are the perfect embodiment of the infectious charm of bedroom pop. Fun and relaxed while remarkably authentic in their ways, this trio of friends is dead set on making great music and enjoying themselves while doing it. Mr. Other is the newest release from the kids. It takes the aesthetic of their first album and launches it into a more hifi territory.