The Wolff Sisters, a gritty and raw folk-rock band, first broke into the music scene in Boston, Massachusetts, as an acoustic trio. With haunting harmonies and songs reminiscent of washed-up wanderers on New England's coast, the Wolff Sisters have stolen Boston's heart.

Born to a poet and a musician, the sisters grew up on the heavy realism of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, blended with the loose and loud Rolling Stones. In 2015, the trio added Will Rodriguez on drums, along with a talented cast of rotating bass players.

The band draws inspiration from blues giants such as Howlin' Wolf and Dawes, seeking to bring a loose blues, roots, and rock 'n' roll sound back to the forefront of the music scene.

Justin Nash Fisher is an Atlanta bred singer-songwriter and guitarist currently based in Cambridge, MA. Fisher's performances showcase a versatile repertoire of styles, from the haunting indie-folk/soul of his self-titled original project, to the jazz fusion/rock 'n' roll of Dadfunk. His original style is heavily influenced by the lamenting howl and guitar mastery of a young Jeff Buckley, raw, yet calculated, refreshingly unpolished, and undeniably captivating. Fisher continues to mesmerize audiences from North to South, East to West.