During the late '70's, a porcelain skinned child by the name of Jarrod Harris was conceived in a trailer after a can of Beanie Weenies and countless PBRs. Oftentimes, people with no education, money, or future are determined to better their situation by humping and thus making a new mouth to feed. That mouth is then left with two options, jail, or making comedy out of his misfortunes by complaining about it to rooms full of strangers all over the country. Jarrod is best described as an atypical southern comic. His comedy is autobiographical, silly, dark, and oftentimes absurd. At last count, Jarrod has four chest hairs. Jarrod's stand-up has been seen on the NBC's “Night Shift,” We Channel's “Secret Lives of Women,” Tru TV's “Driving Me Mad,” “Comcast Comedy on Demand,” The San Francisco Comedy Competition, The Boston International Comedy Festival, and the Laugh your Asheville off Festival.
Jarrod is hilarious, you should see this show!!