Music by:
Lazlo Lee and the Motherless Children
The Wayward (members of Multicult)
Hoaries (ex-White Drugs)
The Minus Drag

We have invited artists who have worked with us over the past 20 years as well as contributors to our museum to show work . Art by :
Dutch Cooke - Immortal Ink
Steve Tiberi - Electro Magnetic
Terry Morgan - Made True
Hunter Spanks - Read Street
"Awesome" James Hughes - Bethesda Tattoo Co.
Jimmy Hayden - Great Southern Tattoo Co.
Sammy Soso - Royal Anchor
Darren Hall - Rising Tide
Dave Drell - Waverly Color co
"Uncle" Charlie Parsons - Great Southern Tattoo Co
Laura Rachel
Dave Sobel - Explosive Tattoo
Adam Montegut - Good Work Tattoos
Jackie Sabur - BTM
Drew Manley - Great Southern Tattoo
Ian Smith - BTM
Chris Keener - Great Southern Tattoo Co
Mr.Wrath - Bulldog Tattoo
Mike Kohler - Read Street
Carl Caracia - Orange Tattoo
Adam Jeffrey - BTM
Matthew Wallenstein
More artists to be announced !!